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Why not .99 cents?

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Why not .99 cents? Empty Why not .99 cents?

Post by pinecoffin4u Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:43 am

And were you looking to make a pound a purchase some time ago?  as a buck fifty a few years back would be about a pound...
I have yet to purchase but might soon,  would more buy at .99 cents?  I dont have my cc on file for this pc...my large mental block.
would be more inclined at ...99 cents maybe...
what about sales? down to .99 or even a cent then a step up in cost...
with many more maps, maybe numerical difficulty, all bugs worked out i think you could get 4.99 its a good game
but yea i wonder if you get more at .99 cents...


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Why not .99 cents? Empty Re: Why not .99 cents?

Post by Templar_VII Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:21 am

The price is defined is US-Dollars and converted to any other currency. When I created the game, the lowest possible price was something around USD 1.50. Since then, I never changed the price. Today the lowest possible price is lower, but in my opinion 1.50 is OK.

Most players complain that it is too expensive. This will not change at 0.99 cents.

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