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Seige towers make it too easy to win

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Seige towers make it too easy to win Empty Seige towers make it too easy to win

Post by yes Fri May 27, 2016 5:31 am

The main challenge of the game (which is wonderful, by the way) is just defending at the beginning. After you build a wall on either side of your farming zone and put an archer or two on top of each, you just put the speed on very fast and build up resources (the well seems to speed things up a lot) until you can spawn a seige tower. Spam it with at least 20 archers with longbows, and spawn like 5-10 knights or swordsmen. The infantry just protect against battering rams, and the archers should take out anything else. When you get to the tile with the king, the archers will shoot over any obstacles and kill the king in a few seconds. Maybe you should find a way to make the game harder, but it's actually really good. I build forts on every tile just because it's fun.


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Seige towers make it too easy to win Empty Re: Seige towers make it too easy to win

Post by Templar_VII Fri May 27, 2016 10:32 am

Many thanks for you detailed report.

There are some weak points in the AI. I also found some of them. There is a lot of potential to make the computer player more intelligent. But I think the best will be a real human enemy. I wonder how a real human player will react on your siege tower attack.

I already played some multiplayer games locally on my Wifi. But I have some synchronization problems to solve, before I can commit to the store.

I hope we can soon play a game against each other :-)

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