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Post by Templar_VII Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:49 pm

Game settings Nickna11
Your player name. It's shown in multiplayer and in high score lists.

Game settings Sounde10
Allows you to turn on/off the sound effects like sword hits, dying peoples and so on.
The track bar allows you to adjust the volume.

Game settings Music10
Allows you to turn on/off the music.
The track bar allows you to adjust the volume.

Game settings Animat10
When turned on, a change of the map tile is shown animated by sliding the ground away. If you don’t like this animation you can turn it off, which means the village of a clicked map tile is shown immediately.

Game settings Gamepl10
Notes and strategic tips are shown on the main menu when turned on.

Game settings Ground10
This option allows you to adjust, how many ground elements a village is made of.

  • Full screen: The count of ground elements fit right to the width of your screen.
  • Half screen: The ground measures the half of your screen. This can be useful if you like play in zoomed mode on a high resolution screen.
  • Manuel: If you like to set the count of ground elements to any user defined value.

Game settings Settin10
Enable this option to play multiplayer in your own LAN. See how to configure local multiplayer for LAN here.
Disable this option to play a game against a random opponent on the Internet (maybe you have to wait some minutes).

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