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Post by Templar_VII on Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:52 pm

All about buildings Gui_2110
Wall (w)
Blocks the way for all units and protects you from projectiles. Build multiple wall elements, by drag & drop existing elements to each other.
All about buildings Wall10

All about buildings Gui_2610
Gate (g)
Blocks the way for all units and protects you from projectiles. It can be opened or closed by a click. A gate is less strong than a wall. Build multiple gate elements, by drag & drop existing elements to each other.
All about buildings Gates10

All about buildings Gui_2210
Stairs (s)
Attach stairs to a wall. Stairs allow you to command your archers to the wall.
All about buildings Stairs10

All about buildings Gui_2010
Storage pit (p)
Storage for goods. The villagers collect wheat and bring them to this place. If required, place multiple storage pits to the same village. So you keep the paths short for all villagers.
All about buildings Storag10

All about buildings Gui_2310
Merlon (n)
Put merlons to your walls to protect your units from enemy projectiles. Your projectiles can pass the merlon but the enemy projectiles can’t.
All about buildings Merlon10

All about buildings Gui_2510
Battlements (b)
Your archers can’t attack units attacking the walls. Battlements will allow your archers to shoot vertical to the ground in front of the walls.
All about buildings Battle10

All about buildings Gui_2910
Roof (o)
The roof can be placed on walls or battlements to protect units from projectiles. This is useful when the enemy attacks you with longbows. The roof can also be placed on storage pits, to protect your goods.
All about buildings Roof10

All about buildings Gui_3410
Spawn point (s)
A spawn point is the place where all your units arrive to the world. Build a spawn point in every village you wish to retrain units.
All about buildings Spawnp10

All about buildings Gui_5811
Well (no short key)
The wheat is growing very slow.
Once you have many villagers in a village, they have to wait for the growing wheat.
If you build a well, the idle villagers, start irrigate the wheat, so the wheat is growing much faster.
The result is, you have less idle villagers, waiting for growing wheat.

Sometimes it's better to keep the farming zone small, to better protect your villagers from attacking enemies. But the smaller your farming zone is, the more idle villagers you have. So a well is needed.
All about buildings Well1010

All about buildings Gui_6510
Terrain elevation (no short key)
The terrain elevation allows you to elevate the ground. So you can shape the terrain to your advantage. The range of a higher placed archer is higher than the range of a lower placed.
All about buildings Terrai10

All about buildings Water10
Water (no short key)
Blocks the way for units. Just the 'stone thrower' and the 'miliz' have the knowledge how to pass the water.

All about buildings Drawbr10
Draw bridge (no short key)
Build a bridge over an abyss. You can connect up to 4 bridge elements. A single click opens/closes the draw bridge.
All about buildings Drawbr11

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