Bad performance on Windows 10

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Bad performance on Windows 10 Empty Bad performance on Windows 10

Post by Templar_VII on Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:50 pm

Some users have written to me, the game does not start or starts very slowly and hardly reacts. On my PC with Windows 10 it runs as expected.
Can you give me some information, so I could fix it?

- Where does the game hang? On game startup or just on level start?
- Do you use windows 10?
- What is your screen resolution? Maybe 4k?
- What is your processor?

Manky thanks for any help!

By the way... the new Release 1.1.0 is on the way for better windows 10 window support and some bug fixes, but with no performance improvements :-(
I hope it will be on September 15th at the store.

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